To come to Southern Africa is to discover a rich and colourful history with breathtaking scenery and an abundance of wildlife with a huge variety of incredible activities to choose from!  Our Southern African Holidays offer the visitor a selection of excellent multiple day packages that are guaranteed to make your African holiday a truly unforgettable and exciting experience!

south-african-tour22 days

With this Itinerary we have included a route that takes you into the heart of KWA ZULU NATAL. You will experience the DRAKENSBERG region as well as some extraordinary African Wildlife. There is also more emphasis on the ZULU culture and there are a number of historical sites that are most interesting.


The aim of this tour is to give you a solid cross section of South Africa with its natural beauty, extraordinary wildlife, rich cultural diversity and fascinating history! If you do this tour you can say ‘with authority’ that you have experienced South Africa to its fullest!


We have compiled this Self Drive Itinerary for the traveller who wants to experience the best of Cape Town along with Southern Namibia. Starting in Cape Town you will spend the first couple of days exploring the winelands and the Cape Peninsula after which you depart on your cross border excursion into Southern Namibia.


This is a unique Private Tour of South Africa which includes Kruger National Park, traveling through Swaziland and many many attractions along the route. After this tour you can truly boast that you have seen and experienced South Africa. The advantage of this tour is that you will be accompanied by your personal tour guide at all times, who will have an abundance of local knowledge to share with you.