Our specially designed self-drive itineraries for Holidays & Safaris in South Africa and Namibia offer visitors the option to travel independently on a self-drive basis which is an enjoyable alternative for those of you who are independent and adventurous! It is important that your self-drive trip is planned carefully and that the itinerary is easy to explore. Your self-drive itinerary is professionally arranged and will cover all aspects surrounding your Southern African experience. When you book a self-drive holiday with us you can feel assured that the itineraries are well thought out and that all car rental, accommodation, reservations, and internal flights are arranged well in advance! We can also say with confidence that we have tried these itineraries personally so we know that they work well.


South Africa is a developed country with very good national roads and secondary roads. In South Africa and Namibia we travel on the left-hand side of the road, the same as in the United Kingdom after all South Africa is an ex British Colony. When traveling in South Africa there are plenty of petrol stations, restaurants, shops, banks and other necessary services which are all readily available. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere, which should limit the need to carry large amounts of cash with you. You should, however, always have some cash in the local currency with you, your representative will assist you with where and how to obtain local currency! South African Rands (ZAR) are accepted in Namibia.

No matter where in the world that you might be travelling safety is always a concern, use your common sense, avoid travelling at night, do not pick up hitchhikers, do not leave valuables visible in your vehicle, do not speed, always obey the speed limit, do not drink and drive.

south-african-tour22 days
USD 7500 per couple 

This Itinerary is a comprehensive self drive package that allows you to experience the best of South Africa. Included in the route is a visit to the Drakensberg region of Kwa Zulu Natal and all the attractions in the other provinces as wells. If you have the time and want to experience South Africa thoroughly then this is the adventure for you.  We are able to adapt the package to include five star accommodation.


The aim of this tour is to give you a solid cross section of South Africa with its natural beauty, extraordinary wildlife, rich cultural diversity and fascinating history! If you do this tour you can say ‘with authority’ that you have experienced South Africa to its fullest!


We have compiled this Self Drive Itinerary for the traveller who wants to experience the best of Cape Town along with Southern Namibia. Starting in Cape Town you will spend the first couple of days exploring the winelands and the Cape Peninsula after which you depart on your cross border excursion into Southern Namibia.


This is a unique Private Tour of South Africa which includes Kruger National Park, traveling through Swaziland and many many attractions along the route. After this tour you can truly boast that you have seen and experienced South Africa. The advantage of this tour is that you will be accompanied by your personal tour guide at all times, who will have an abundance of local knowledge to share with you.


This 15 day Cape Town & Garden Route with Safari is the ultimate way to experience the very best that the region has to offer in an absorbing and exciting package! Although the itinerary is full, it is still done in a relaxed way, so you will not be tired after your daily itinerary.


This multi-day Private Tour incorporates the best of Cape Town along with the best of the Garden Route. We have included boat-based Whale Watching in this itinerary; however, it is seasonal – June to December – therefore we are able to change this activity to Great White Shark Cage Diving if your planned holiday falls outside the whale season. Shark Cage Diving is an activity that is enjoyed all year round!


Cape Town is the only City in the world where you can visit a world heritage site, a natural wonder, taste fine wine, see the Big Five, dive with Great White Sharks and view Southern Right Whales all within a two to three hour drive of the City centre. On this tour you get to do all of this and much more!


The cape wine route is arguably the best commercial wine route in the world, and it all started in South Africa! Since its conception in the early 1970’s the Cape Wine Routes have grown steadily and today the different regions offer not only world class wines but also world class accommodation and cuisine in truly magnificent locations.